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This is an evolving and ever changing online portfolio of  images highlighting almost thirty years of work.  There are no sections, just pages, which are listed in alphabetical order.  A page has either images or information, depending upon the title.  

Each page with images represents a series of pieces.  A series may have less than ten pieces or hundreds, depending upon the duration of time and focus required to complete the investigation at hand. Each series represents a group of artifacts/evidence of my creative process, which involves discovery,  experimentation and exploration. The process, for me, is both a bodily function and an esoteric experience that helps me to travel through and have a reasonable personal understanding of life.  This helps me to remain connected to something beyond what generally meets the eye.  As well, this work lends me the ability to have compassion and empathy towards others, while maintaining a helpful and positive outlook.  One of the greatest gifts of this process, beyond personal understating, is the ability to find joy while walking through the fog and the forrest. The joy represents the light, which is certainly here.  

There are many more images and series of works to be seen, however, for now, what is currently available for review has been carefully selected as a reasonable representation of a much larger body of work.  A CV and references are available upon request.  If you have any questions please send an email to:

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